A 3-Day Introductory
Experiential Workshop
Choice of Dates:
- 21 to 23 Nov 2018


Course Fee.    
$1,450 per person
    Purpose of the Workshop

  • To understand what Design Thinking or human-
    centred design is, and why it is an important tool
    for all leaders
  • To understand how to apply Design Thinking to
    Process-, Service-, and Business Model-
    Innovation that focus on the customer or user.
  • To get a hands-on introduction to using the
    process and tools of design thinking

    Who Should Attend
    Team, business unit and organization leaders and
    their team members, who want to problem solve or
    design better processes, service delivery, and
    business models that are centred on creating real
    value for the user or customer.

    Benefits of Attending

    Participants will:
  • Get an appreciation of customer empathy and
    how to go about getting empathy
  • Learn how to define "problems" for the design
    thinking process
  • Acquire tools and practice in ideation
  • Understand what prototyping is and methods of
  • Learn how to test and evaluate prototypes
  • Understand how to "spin" the ideation,
    prototyping, testing cycle
  • Acquire an introductory hands-on experience in
    using the design thinking process on a simple
    project in the workshop

    Participants attending in teams will derive the
    greatest benefits from the workshop, as they will
    get to experience the design thinking process in
    their natural work teams.


    All our facilitators are carefully selected
    professionals with years of hands-on experience
    in senior management positions.  In addition, they
    are qualified facilitators with good track records
    facilitating client organizations, as well as public
    workshops, in their chosen fields.

    Lead Facilitator will be Stephen Lin.  Click here for
    facilitator's profile.
    Workshop Outline

  • Overview of Design Thinking
  • Why Design Thinking
  • What is Design Thinking, and its various forms
  • The Systems Thinking Approach to Design
  • The Design Thinking Process
  • Customer Empathy
  • What is Customer Empathy
  • How to conduct Customer Empathy -
    Key points and various tools
  • Apply to class project
  • Problem Definition
  • How to clearly define problems and
    desired outcomes
  • Common pitfalls in problem definition
  • Tools and techniques
  • Apply to class project
  • Ideation
  • Core Foundation of great and effective
  • Various methods and tools
  • Apply to class project
  • Prototyping
  • What is Prototyping
  • Key concepts in Prototyping
  • Some methods of Prototyping
  • Apply to class project
  • Testing and Evaluation
  • How to test and evaluate Prototypes
  • Key considerations in testing and
  • Methods and tools
  • Apply to class project
  • Spinning the Cycle
  • Iteration of ideation, prototyping and
    testing - key to effective design thinking
  • Apply to class project
  • Presentation, feedback, and critique at every step
    of the process applied to the class project
  • Action Planning

    Conduct of the Workshop

    The workshop will include:
  • Explanation of concepts, processes and
  • Group breakout work on a class project
  • Presentation, feedback and critique at every
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A 3-Day Introductory Experiential Workshop