Haines Centre for Strategic Management

Prior to the Strategic & Systems Thinking Master-Class and Immersion Boot Camp, all participants must have
read the following:


  1. The Law of Unintended Consequences: Concept #5 (ARCE)
  2. 12 Natural Laws (A12LAWS)
  3. Systems Thinking: The Winning Formula (AWF)
  4. Simplicity of Systems Thinking (ASOST)
  5. Analytical Thinking (AAT)
  6. Excellence in Hiring (AEIH)
  7. Creating the Strategic HR Plan (AHRSP)
  8. Creativity and Innovation Demystified (ACID)
  9. Building Innovation Capacity (ABIC)
  10. Strategic Career and Life Planning (ASCLP)
  11. ABCs of a Leadership Development System (ASLDS)
  12. Daily Leadership: Best Practices (ADLBP)
  13. Leadership Competency Assessment (ALCA)
  14. The Learning Organization (ATLO)
  15. Clarity/Simplicity in Leadership (ASIL)
  16. Universal Systems Thinking Approach® (AUSTA)
  17. Creating the People/HR Edge (ACPE)
  18. How I Think (AHIT) (3 pages)
  19. The Iceberg Theory of Change (AITC)

  1. Book - The Manager's Pocket Guide to Systems Thinking & Learning (MPGSTL)
  2. Book - Strategic and Systems Thinking (B-SST)
  3. Handbook - Strategic Thinking Handbook #1 (HB-1)
  4. Handbook - Strategic Thinking Handbook #2 (HB-2)
  5. Workbook - The ABCs of Strategic Life Planning (SLP)
  6. Executive Briefing Booklet - Strategic and Systems Thinking (EBSST)
  7. Executive Briefing Booklet - Achieving Leadership Excellence (EBALE)
  8. Executive Briefing Booklet - Strategic HR Management (EBHR)

State-of-the-Art Best Practices Report
  1. State of the Art Report: Strategic & Systems Thinking (R-SOA-SST)

The cost of the above 19 artciles, 8 books, and 1 state-pf-the-art report is a heavily discounted nominal
This cost will be added to the registration fee for the Master-Class.  All books will be in eBook format, and will
be transmitted to participants upon payment of the fees.  If you require hard copy books, we will add the cost of
shipment to the costs.

In addition to the above prescribed reading list, we also recommend the folliowing books:

Optional (Recommended)
  1. Reinventing Strategic Planning ($39.90)
  2. Executing Your Strategic Plan ($39.90)
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A 4.5-Day Immersion Boot Camp in the Systems Thinking Approach

4.5-Day Immersion Boot-Camp

Dates / Locations:
30 Jul to 03 Aug 2012

Course Fee per person:  US$2,995
Pre-Work Reading:           US$   200
TOTAL:  US$3,195