A 2-Day Workshop
Available as In-house Training

Facilitation Fee
$9,800 for 2-Day workshop for up
to 20 participants.  (This works
out to only $490 per person on
average.)  Includes all handouts.  
Does NOT include venue,
facilities, refreshments, which are
to be provided by the client
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    Purpose of the Workshop

To understand how to think and plan strategically
at every level of the organization, whether at the
business unit, divisional, or functional levels
To acquire the knowledge and skills to apply a
disciplined systems approach to strategic
To learn step by step how to get your strategic
plan done
To understand when and how to involve key
stakeholders, to ease the roll-out of the plan
To understand how to align the strategic plan at
your level to the organization's strategic direction
To learn about the common mistakes of, and
obstacles to, strategic planning, and how to avoid
or overcome them
To learn practical tips about strategic planning,
and how to work with superiors and subordinates
on the plan

    Who Should Attend
Strategic Planners
Org Development Professionals
Heads of Business Units, Divisions, and
Functional Areas
Leaders at All Levels involved in the Cascade of
Strategic Planning in their Organizations

    Benefits of Attending

    Participants will be able to develop meaningful
    strategic plans for their business unit, division, or
    functional area that will:
  • Be in full alignment to the strategic
    direction of the organization
  • Leverage the unique expertise and
    capability of their business unit, division or
    functional area to create value for the
    organization in those areas
    In so doing, participants will be able to
    demonstrate the strategic contribution by
    themselves and their unit to the organization.


    All our facilitators are carefully selected
    professionals with years of hands-on experience
    in senior management positions.  In addition, they
    are qualified facilitators with good track records
    facilitating client organizations, as well as public
    workshops, in their chosen fields.

    Lead facilitator will be Stephen Lin.  Click here for
    facilitator's profile.
    Workshop Outline

The ABCs of Strategic Thinking
    The Systems Thinking Approach
The Need for Strategic Thinking
The 5 Key Questions for Strategic Thinking
The External Environment

Strategic Planning Fundamentals
3 Goals and 3 Premises of Strategic
Planning & Management
The Strategic Management System
Common Mistakes in Strategic Planning

Step by Step Strategic Planning
Plan to Plan
Aligning the Strategic Direction
Creating Customer Value
Performance Measurement and Tracking
Current State Assessment
Strategies and Action Plans
Parallel Involvement
Reviews and Updates

Participant Discussions and Presentations

Case Study
    Using either a facilitator's case study or the
    participants' own real "live" case from work

Tools, Tips, and Techniques

Conduct of the Workshop

    The workshop will be conducted using adult
    experiential learning methodology, and will
    consist of:

Short lecturettes to explain the concepts and

Work on real-life cases

Case examples

Practical tempates, tools, techniques

Presentations and discussions
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The Systems Thinking Approach to
Strategic Planning at Every Level of the Organization

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