2-Day Executive Workshop

- 13 & 14 Oct 2016
- 23 & 24 Mar 2017
- 05 & 06 Oct 2017

21 Mount Elizabeth

Course Fee:
$850 per person
    Purpose of the Workshop

  • To acquire a more holistic and systemic view of
    the world, the organization and your work
  • To understand key concepts of systems thinking,
    and learn how to apply them in the organization
  • To learn practical systems thinking models and
    tools for better effectiveness and results
  • To learn how to develop practical action plans
    that bring results
  • To learn how to solve problems in a way that
    address root cause and avoid unintended
  • To learn how to interpret situations from a
    systems perspective and offer solutions and
    interventions that have higher chances of success

    Who Should Attend
    All levels of managers, who desire to become
    more holistic and systemic in their thinking

    Benefits of Attending

    Participants will achieve:

  • A better understanding of the complex world in
    which we live and in which organizations operate
  • A better perspective of the purpose and fit of
    their organization within its operating environment.
  • Better clarity of purpose for themselves  and their
    team, resulting in greater self-motivation,  
    stronger cohesiveness, sharper focus and
    consistently better results
  • A more systemic outlook that translates to more
    productive and effective actions, and hence
    more  sustainable results
  • Better decisions based on better insights
  • Better understanding of inter-relationships,
    leading to great collaboration within and across
    functional teams
  • Greater problem-solving ability


    All our facilitators are carefully selected
    professionals with years of hands-on experience
    in senior management positions.  In addition, they
    are qualified facilitators with good track records
    facilitating client organizations, as well as public
    workshops, in their chosen fields.

    Lead Facilitator will be Stephen Lin.  Click here
    for facilitator's profile.
    Workshop Outline

  • Overview of Systems Thinking
  • The importance of systems thinking
  • Taking a systemic view of things
  • Applications to work and life, operations
    and strategies
  • Key concepts of systems thinking and their
  • Nested Systems
  • Natural hierarchies
  • The 8 natural levels (nests) of
  • Systems purposes and alignment
  • Application to personal, leadership
    and organizational development
  • Principles of systems and the 12 laws of
  • What they are
  • Making sense of the complex world
    through systems
  • Application to personal live
  • Application to work and the
  • Tools for daily use
  • How systems work
  • Outside-In Purpose Focused
  • Input-Throughput-Output
  • Feedback in successful systems
  • The ABC model of systems and its
  • Law of unintended consequences
  • Interconnectedness and relationships
  • Root causes delayed in time and
  • Avoiding unintended consequences
  • Identifying leverage points
  • Action Planning

    Conduct of the Workshop

    The workshop will include:
  • Explanation of principles, concepts and
  • Break-out discussions and presentations
  • Case studies and examples
  • Use of templates, tools and techniques

      Master-Class & Immersion Boot Camp

    This workshop satisfies the prerequisites to
    attend the Systems Thinking Master-Class, a 3.5-
    Day Immersion Boot Camp designed to increase
    the depth of understanding of Systems Thinking
    and as a train-the-trainer program.
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