Stephen G. Haines
Our Late Founder
Stephen G. Haines was the founder of the Haines Centre for Strategic
Management®, Systems Thinking Press® and the Global Association of Systems

Born on December 23, 1945, Steve died on July 2, 2012. His goal in life was to make
a difference in the lives of others and that was his main achievement. In 1964, he
entered the U.S. Naval Academy from Pleasantville, NJ. He graduated with the
Legendary Leadership Class of 1968.

Steve received an MSA in OD from George Washington University where he learned
Systems Thinking which became his guide to life and work. Steve got his Ed D (ABD)
from Temple University in Educational Psychology. In 1975, Steve left the Navy and
served in executive positions at Marriott, Exxon Enterprises, Sunoco, MCI, Freddie
Mac, and ICA, a San Diego bank.

He founded the Haines Centre for Strategic Management. His unique writings in
Systems Thinking and Strategic Management led to forming Systems Thinking Press
with 700 products and 20 books by Steve sold in over 70 countries.

As VP of the Board of Directors for the National Association for Strategic Planning,
he led their effort to develop the standards for the Strategic Planning field. The
Certification Program is now the standard in the field. He was inducted into ASP's
Hall of Fame in 2011.

Steve was one of the world's leading Systems Thinking experts and practitioners of
the 21st Century.  From his extensive research and 24+ years experience in
Systems Thinking, the Centre has copyrighted state-of-the-art frameworks and
processes for "The ABC's of Strategic Management" (Planning, Leadership, and
Change), "The Rollercoaster of Change" and an "Organizational Systems Model" to
guide organizational design and strategic change. He was also the architect of The
Systems Thinking Approach to Leadership Development and its six natural core
competencies found nowhere else.

He was a member of the Pacific Beach Presbyterian Church. He is survived by his
wife, Jayne; his daughter, Monica (Pierre) Romero; grandson, Sebastian Romero;
and sister, Linda.
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Stephen Haines
In action in India
With Centre members in
Perth, Australia