Strategic Management Gold Mastery Certification

Journey to Mastery for Strategic Leaders

What is the program about?

This Strategic Management Certification program is a comprehensive Journey to Mastery for Chief Strategy Officers and other Strategic Leaders. It is about mastering the skills to facilitate conversations, collaboration and thought processes, to develop effective strategic plans for their organizations. The program consists of 3 parts:
A) Foundational Course
B) Master-Class
C) Practicum

Become a Strategic Leader !!

In today’s increasingly competitive times, you need to have a strategic vision for success. No longer is it the organization that just offers the best product or service that will reap the highest rewards or benefits. With current economic challenges and instabilities, achieving long-term business sustainability and competitive edge has become much more challenging.  Only those organizations that not only offer superior products and services today, but that also take a strategic approach to managing every facet of their business operations, will attain it.

Being able to apply critical strategic and systems thinking on a daily basis, and acquiring the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to successfully lead the organization strategically; these are of vital importance to every organization’s senior management team and future leaders.

This Strategic Management Gold Mastery Certification program is designed to help you master precisely these competencies. It will enable you to facilitate and lead your organization to the next level, to achieve and sustain your competitive edge over the long term.

As a leader in your organization, your thinking, the decisions you make today, and the plans you put in place for the future will ultimately determine the strategic success or failure of your organization. And you cannot do it yourself. You need to facilitate the necessary useful strategic conversations and collective decision making, using processes that work. To get the cutting- edge and be properly prepared as a strategic leader, this program is imperative for you!

Benefits of the Strategic Management Certification program

This comprehensive program will increase your value to your current employer and internal clients, while giving you the highly marketable competency of a Strategic Leader for the future.  After successfully completing the program, you will:

  • Be able to facilitate the creation of a compelling image of the future, the development of effective strategies and the cascading of detailed action plans,
  • Have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the Systems Thinking Approach (TM) to Strategic Management for the 21st Century including:
    • The 10 Step Strategic Management Framework.
    • The process and sequence of facilitating this yearly cycle.
    • Tacit knowledge of facilitating strategic planning through the practicum, and f eedback from the experience of the master consultant you will be working with.
  • Be able to think more strategically and innovatively as a leader
  • Have received an extensive set of strategic management resource materials, that we have used successfully with clients since 1990, and that we update constantly.
  • If you are an external consultant, be certified to deliver training and consulting in strategic planning using our unique Systems Thinking Approach (TM) to Strategic Planning and proprietary material, as an internal or external consultant, subject to licensing arrangements with us.

Strategic Management Gold Mastery Certification Process

The Certification Process consists of Three Phases:

Phase 1:  Foundational Course
Phase 2:  Master Class
Phase 3:  Practicum

Phase 1:  Foundational Course

This is the initial learning phase. In this phase you will get introduced to, and learn about, the Systems Thinking Approach (TM) to Strategic Planning through an online program.  (Click here for details).

Phase 2:  Master Class

In this phase, you will demonstrate your mastery of the content and processes of the Systems Thinking Approach (TM) to Strategic Planning by customizing your own set of facilitator worksheets, to facilitate the strategic planning process in your organization. This phase consists of pre-work, assignments and coaching sessions with our experienced strategic planning consultants. (Click here for details of the Master Class)

Phase 3:  Practicum

In this phase, you will complete the facilitation of a strategic planning effort in your organization.  You will use the facilitator worksheets that you created during the Master Class.  You will adjust the facilitator worksheets accordingly as “the rubber hits the road”.

Our experienced consultants will be on-hand via video-call or phone, to mentor, coach and guide you through the process should you encounter difficulties before or during your facilitation process.  You can have:

  • Up to 8 coaching calls of 45-60 minutes each
  • Unlimited number of “laser” coaching calls of 10-15 minutes each, to address very specific questions you may have

To complete the practicum, you will submit to us the complete strategic plan that you have facilitated (subject of curse to your company’s confidentiality policies). You will also submit to us a report of your facilitation experience, focusing on lessons learnt.  We will review these, and feedback to you on areas for further improvement.  We will also assess and feedback to you how ready you are to “go it alone”.  At this point, we will have one final coaching vide0-call to discuss our feedback to you.

Program Fee Breakdown

The breakdown of the program fee for the Strategic Management Gold Mastery Certification is as follows:

  • Foundational Course: $1,100
  • Master Class: $1,980
  • Practicum: $2,780

Total: $5.860 (if you sign up for each phase one at a time)

Pay only: $5,360 (save $500) when you sign up and pay for all 3 phases now.

Course Fee:

$5,360 (save $500) when you sign up and pay for all 3 phases now.

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