Strategy Implementation

Executive Program on Ensuring Successful Implementation of Strategic Plans and Initiatives
Fully ONLINE at your own pace

Purpose of this Strategy Implementation Training

  • To acquire the knowledge and skills to apply a disciplined systems thinking approach to successful implementation of strategic plans initiatives
  • To understand the critical elements that MUST be in place in strategic plans and initiatives, for effective implementation to be possible
  • To understand how to build the organization’s capacity required for successful strategy implementation, and for sustaining the benefits and objectives of the strategy to be implemented
  • To learn how to “engineer success upfront” with a smart start program
  • To learn what an implementation game plan is, and what goes into it
  • To learn about the common mistakes of strategy implementation and how to avoid them
  • To acquire practical tools, techniques and frameworks for strategy implementation

Who Should Attend·

  • Senior Management
  • Strategic Planners
  • OD Professionals
  • Future Leaders

Benefits of Attending

As a result of this strategy implementation training, you will be better equipped to lead the implementation of strategic plans and strategic initiatives in your organization or business unit.  To do this, you will:

  • Know what to look for to ensure that strategic plans are written and cascaded in a way that allows implementation to take place effectively.
  • Know how to build the change capacity necessary to drive implementation
  • Know how to deal with people and cultural change important to implementation
  • Have acquired frameworks, models and a game plan format as practical job aids

The Facilitator

The instructor is Stephen Lin. Click here for the instructor profile.

Workshop Outline

  • Overview
    • Why 76% of Execution Fails
    • The 4 Missing Links
  • The Systems Thinking Approach
    • The Strategic Management System
    • The ABCs of Strategic Management
  • Clarity of Purpose
    • “Must Have” Elements of a Good and Effective Strategic Plan to Begin With
    • Shared Strategies
    • Cascade of Planning
  • Organizational Capacity for Change
    • The “Iceberg”
    • 3 Elements in all Human Interactions
    • Players of Implementation & Change
    • Key Structures for Implementation & Change
    • The Rollercoaster of Change
    • 6 Stages of Organization Change
  • Smart Start
    • Executive Briefing and Plan to Implement
    • Implementation & Change Leadership Team
    • Yearly Map of Implementation
    • Change Game Plan, including Culture Change, Overview
  • Effective Execution
    • Cascade of Implementation & Change
    • Communications, Teamwork and Problem Solving
    • Project Management and Continuous Improvement Teams
  • Sustaining Results
    • Coaching & Learning Organization System
    • Sustaining Momentum Year to Year
    • Annual Review and Update
  • Tools, Tips, and Techniques

Conduct of the Program
This program is self-paced.  It consists of:

  • Video presentations
  • eBook on Strategy Implementation
  • Reading materials and for all lessons
  • Case examples
  • Practical templates, tools, techniques
  • “Live” coaching sessions with an instructor


Course Fee:

$ 1,100 per person

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