Strategic Planning Facilitator MasterClass

Boot-Camp in Facilitating Strategic Planning Using the Systems Thinking Approach (TM)
Fully ONLINE at your own pace

Purpose of the Strategic Planning Facilitator MasterClass

  • To learn how to facilitate strategic planning using the Systems Thinking Approach(TM) to Strategic Planning
  • To go in-depth into the key Steps of Strategic Planning and Management
  • To learn the key tools, tips and techniques to for successful Strategic Planning facilitation
  • To design and tailor the Strategic Planning process to meet your organization’s specific needs, wants, time and costs.
  • To understand how to navigate difficult situations during facilitation
  • To receive feedback on your readiness to facilitate the Strategic Planning process

Who Should Attend·

  • Internal Strategic Planning Facilitators & OD Professionals
  • Strategic Planning Consultants
  • Corporate Senior Managers, and Heads of Business Units / Divisions

Benefits of Attending

As a result of attending this Strategic Planning Facilitator Masterclass, you will acquire and improve your ability to facilitate strategic planning more effectively. This will lead to better strategic conversations and decisions, and ultimately better strategic outcomes and long-term performance of the organization. As a result, your standing and value to your organization will increase tremendously.  You will be recognised as an indispensable key to the organization’s future.


Facilitators of this Master-Class are Strategic Management professionals with years of hands-on experience in senior management positions. In addition, they are have outstanding track records facilitating client organizations in real-life strategic planning and implementation.

The lead instructor and coach for this program will be Stephen Lin.


Before being accepted into this Master-Class, all applicants MUST have completed the foundational course “Systems Thinking Approach to Strategic Planning” (click here for details and dates), in either one of the two formats:

  • The in-person 2-Day Workshop, or
  • The online FULL program (with coaching)


Before commencing the Master-Class, besides completing the foundational course, participants are expected to do the following as pre-work to achieve the best benefit from this program:

  • Read a prescribed series of articles, books, and best practices reports (Click here for prescribed reading list)
  • Prepare the context of your own case, that you expect to facilitate in your organization, that you will work on in this Master-Class
  • Revise all that you have learnt during the foundational workshop.
  • You are encouraged to write, or review, a real-life strategic plan using the Systems Thinking Approach(TM) to Strategic Planning, before the Master-Class.

What to Expect in the Master-Class

The Strategic Planning Facilitator MasterClass is focused on YOU customizing the Systems Thinking Approach (TM) to Strategic Planning to your organization. To do that, you must be very familiar with the framework, including having developed or reviewed an actual strategic plan using the framework.

The Master-Class consists primary of assignments and coaching, and includes:

  • On-boarding video-call of 60-90 minutes
  • Assignments that involve creating your own facilitator worksheets.  There will be 1 worksheet for each step of the strategic planning process, customized to your own organization needs. This will be very intensive for you. All your worksheets will be discussed with the instructor during the coaching calls.
  • 6 x coaching video-calls of 60-90 min each to guide you along the way, and provide progressive feedback.
  • Unlimited “laser-focused” coaching calls of 10-15 min each, for very specific questions and clarifications, for up to 3 months from start of the Master-Class.
  • Pre-recorded “micro” lessons.
  • Review of your customized worksheets with suggestions for improvement, and tips for real-life facilitation
  • Extensive reading materials.

Throughout the Master-Class, you can expect to:

  • Experience Intensive Practical Reinforcement: You will receive more intensive learning, reinforcement and internalization of the content as each concept is revisited from a much deeper, new practical level – tacit knowledge that is key to success, yet hard to find.
  • Acquire Extensive “how-to” Knowledge: You will spend a large proportion of time on the “how to” application, sequences, details and nuances in facilitating the strategic planning process, in addition to “what” the content should have. Learn the many practical tools, tips, and techniques from the instructor through the individual coaching sessions.
  • Demonstrate Mastery: You will demonstrate your expertise in the Systems Thinking Approach(TM) to Strategic Planning, through the activities and assignments.  You will receive practical feedback on the process of facilitation, how to best customize it for your situation.
  • Enhance Your Facilitation Capability: By the end of the Master-Class, you will have a complete set of Facilitator Worksheets tailored to your situation, so that you can confidently facilitated the strategic planning process in your organization as a seasoned professional.

Gold Mastery Certification

This Master-Class fulfills the requirements to continue on the pathway to Strategic Planning Gold Mastery Certification.  To learn more on how how to continue the pathway, please click here.

Course Fee:

$1,980 per person

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