Strategic & Systems Thinking

Practical Thinking Tools for Greater Effectiveness
2-Day Workshop (available as in-house workshop)

Purpose of the Workshop

  • To learn and apply a set of thought processes for a broader and more effective way of thinking
  • To understand key concepts of strategic and systems thinking, and learn how to apply them in the organization for better results
  • To learn how to crystallize and clarify outcomes and visions, and at the same time prepare for the uncertainties in the future
  • To learn how to get everyone in the team onboard, and working together in a concerted effort
  • To understand the logical levels of personal, leadership and organizational development, and how to use them

Who Should Attend·
All levels of managers, who desire to become more strategic and effective in their thinking

Benefits of Attending
Participants will achieve:

  • Better clarity of purpose for themselves and their team, resulting in greater self-motivation, stronger cohesiveness, sharper focus and consistently better results
  • A longer term, more strategic outlook that translates to more productive and effective actions leading to more  sustainable results in the long term
  • Better decisions based on better logic and a more complete and holistic view
  • Higher collaboration, less conflict in their teams with higher output
  • Greater problem-solving ability

All our facilitators are carefully selected professionals with years of hands-on experience in senior management positions.  In addition, they are qualified facilitators with good track records facilitating client organizations, as well as public workshops, in their chosen fields.

Lead Facilitator will be Stephen Lin.  Click here for facilitator’s profile.

Workshop Outline

  • Overview of strategic and systems thinking
    • The importance of strategic thinking
    • Goals and premises of strategic thinking
    • Systems thinking vs strategic thinking vs strategic planning & management
  • Key concepts of strategic and systems thinking, and their application
    • The ABCs of strategic thinking
      • The 5 phases
      • Application to corporate planning and cascading process
      • External environment scanning and scenario thinking
    • The seven levels (Hierarchy) of living systems
      • The natural hierarchy and validity in human organizations
      • Application to personal, leadership and organizational development
    • The 12 laws of systems, and their business application
      • 10 tools of for daily use
    • The Rollercoaster of Change
      • Phases of the rollercoaster
      • Application to transition and change management for self and others
  • Action Planning

Conduct of the Workshop

The workshop will include:

  • Explanation of principles, concepts and models
  • Break-out discussions and presentations
  • Case studies and examples
  • Use of templates, tools and techniques
Course Fee:

$9,800 for 2-Day workshop for up to 20 participants (works out to only $490 per person average). Includes all handouts. Does NOT include venue, facilities, refreshments which are to provided by the client organization.

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