The Practice Rounds are designed to achieve the following:

  • Participants demonstrate mastery in the content of the Systems Thinking Approach(TM) to Strategic
  • Participants receive feedback from the facilitators and fellow participants on their facilitation skills
  • Participants review and critique the presentations of the presenting participants
  • Spur discussion on best practices in facilitating each of the topics
  • Increase the depth of understanding of the Systems Thinking Approach to Strategic Management and the facilitation thereof
  • Facilitators provide feedback and additional inputs of specific process issues for each of the topics

The Practice Rounds will cover the following to Demonstrate Proficiency

  • The Strategic Management System – 10 Steps
  • Plan-to-Plan, including Executive Briefing
  • Future External Environmental Scanning
  • Ideal Future Vision – Vision, Mission, Values
  • Marketplace Positioning / Customer Value Creation
  • Key Success Measures
  • Current State Assessment
  • Strategy Development
  • Cascade of Planning, including 3-Year Business Plans and Annual Action/Work Plans
  • Plan-to-Implement
  • Key Stake-holders and the Parallel Involvement Process