Prior to the Strategic Management Master-Class and Immersion Boot Camp, all participants must have
read the following:

Articles & Booklets

  1. Booklet – The ABC’s of Strategic Management
  2. Booklet – Top 12 Critical Mistakes to Avoid in Strategic Planning
  3. Article – Becoming a Strategic Thinker on a Daily Basis
  4. Article – Three-Year Functional Planning: All Departments
  5. Article – Three-Year Business Planning for Strategic Business Units, Lines of Business
  6. Article – Future Environment Scanning
  7. Article – Parallel Involvement Process
  8. Article – Group Facilitation


  1. Book – How to Get It Right with Strategic Planning
  2. Workbook – Strategic Planning Simplified

Reference Volume 

  1. Strategic Management Consultants’ Steps and Guide – this is optional reading for pre-work, but you will likely want it as a resource during the Master Class

All material will be in digital format, and will be transmitted to participants upon payment of the fees.