A 2-Day Executive Workshop
Choice of Dates:
- 17-18 Dec 2020

190 Clemenceau Avenue #06-01
Singapore Shopping Centre
(Dhoby Ghaut MRT)
Singapore 239924

Course Fee:  $1,100 per person
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    Purpose of the Workshop

  • To acquire the knowledge and skills to apply a
    disciplined systems thinking approach to the  
    implementation of strategic plans and any other
    strategic initiatives
  • To understand the critical elements that MUST be
    in place in strategic plans and initiatives, for
    effective implementation to be possible
  • To understand how to build the organization's
    capacity required for successful strategy
    implementation, and for sustaining the benefits and
    objectives of the strategy to be implemented
  • To learn how to "engineer success upfront" with a
    smart start program
  • To learn what an implementation game plan is, and
    what goes into it
  • To learn about the common mistakes of strategy
    implementation and how to avoid them
  • To acquire practical tools, techniques and
    frameworks for strategy implementation

    Who Should Attend
  • Senior Management
  • Strategic Planners
  • OD Professionals
  • Future Leaders
  • High Potential Path Managers

    Benefits of Attending

    As a result of this workshop, you will be better
    equipped to lead the implementation of strategic
    plans and strategic initiatives in your organization
    or business unit.  To do this, you will:
  • Know what to look for to ensure that strategic plans
    are written and cascaded in a way that allows
    implementation to take place effectively.
  • Know how to build the change capacity necessary
    to drive implementation
  • Know how to deal with people and cultural change
    important to implementation
  • Have acquired frameworks, models and a game
    plan format as practical job aids

  The Facilitator

    Lead facilitator will be Stephen Lin.  Click here for
    facilitator's profile.
Workshop Outline

  • Overview
  • Why 76% of Execution Fails
  • The 4 Missing Links
  • The Systems Thinking Approach
  • The Strategic Management System
  • The ABCs of Strategic Management
  • Clarity of Purpose
  • "Must Have" Elements of a Good and
    Effective Strategic Plan to Begin With
  • Shared Strategies
  • Cascade of Planning
  • Organizational Capacity for Change
  • The "Iceberg"
  • 3 Elements in all Human Interactions
  • Players of Implementation & Change
  • Key Structures for Implementation & Change
  • The Rollercoaster of Change
  • 6 Stages of Organization Change
  • Smart Start
  • Executive Briefing and Plan to Implement
  • Implementation & Change Leadership Team
  • Yearly Map of Implementation
  • Change Game Plan, including Culture
    Change, Overview
  • Effective Execution
  • Cascade of Implementation & Change
  • Communications, Teamwork and Problem
  • Project Management and Continuous
    Improvement Teams
  • Sustaining Results
  • Coaching & Learning Organization System
  • Sustaining Momentum Year to Year
  • Annual Review and Update
  • Discussions and Presentations
  • Application Exercises
  • Tools, Tips, and Techniques

    Conduct of the Workshop

    The workshop will be conducted using adult
    experiential learning methodology, and will
    consist of:
  • Short lecturettes to explain the concepts and
  • Work on real-life cases
  • Case examples
  • Practical templates, tools, techniques
  • Breakout group processing, discussions and    

A 2-Day Executive Workshop on
Ensuring Successful Implementation of Strategic Initiatives & Plans
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