Gold Mastery Certification in Strategic Management

A Comprehensive Program to Develop Strategic Leaders, comprising:

  • Learning Workshop
  • Master-Class and Immersion Boot Camp
  • Internship with Master-Level Facilitators


In today’s increasingly competitive times, you need to have a strategic vision for success. No longer is it the organization that just offers the best product or service that will reap the highest rewards or benefits. With current economic challenges and instabilities, long-term business sustainability and the greatest competitive edge will only be experienced by those organizations that not only offer superior products and services to their customers or clients, but that also take a strategic approach to managing every facet of their business operations.

Being able to apply critical strategic and systems thinking on a daily basis, and acquiring the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to successfully lead the organization strategically, is of vital importance to every organization’s senior management team and future leaders.

This Strategic Management Certification program is designed to help you master precisely these competencies, that will enable you to facilitate and lead your organization to the next level to achieve and sustain your competitive edge over the long term.

As a leader in your organization, your thinking, the decisions you make today, and the plans you put in place for the future will ultimately determine the strategic success or failure of your organization. To get the cutting- edge and be properly prepared as a strategic leader, this program is imperative for you!


The Strategic Management Gold Mastery Certification Program will increase your value to your current employer and internal clients, while giving you the highly marketable competency of a Strategic Leader for the future.  After successfully completing the program, you will:

  • Be able to Facilitate and Install a Compelling Image of the Future, Detailed Strategic and Action Plans, to deliver customer value and achieve the competitive advantage, using the holistic Systems Thinking Approach
  • Be able to Facilitate the Installation of a Strategic Management System to run the business strategically and sustain high performance year after year
  • Have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the Systems Thinking Approach® to Strategic Management for the 21st Century including:
    • The Content of our 10 Step Strategic Management Model.
    • The process and sequence of explaining and facilitating this Yearly Cycle.
    • Much of the tacit knowledge of the experienced master consultants and facilitators whom you will be working with.
    • The ability to conduct a Future Environmental Scanning process, a Scenario Planning Process, Marketplace Positioning and many more processes.
  • Be able to Think More Strategically and Innovatively as a leader
  • Have received the best and most extensive State-of-the-Art Strategic Management Resource Materials.
  • Be Certified to Deliver Training and Consulting in Strategic Planning and Management using the Centre’s proprietary material, as an internal or external consultant, subject to licensing arrangements with the Centre.


The Gold Master Certification Process consists of Three Phases:

Phase 1:  Learning Workshop
Phase 2:  In-Depth Focus and Demonstrating Mastery
Phase 3:  Practicum

Phase 1:  Learning
In this phase you will get introduced to, and learn about, the Systems Thinking Approach to Strategic Management through participation in a 3-Day workshop “Systems Thinking Approach
to Strategic Management”.  (Click here for details and dates).

Attending the “live” workshop will give you the best learning experience, and it is usually what we will insist on. In exceptional circumstances however, where attending the “live” workshop is not possible, you may as an alternative attend other appropriate combinations of Haines Centre workshops (discuss with us directly), or listen to our pre-recorded Strategic Management Webinar Series at your own pace (Click here for details).

Phase 2:  Demonstrating Mastery
In this phase, you will demonstrate to us your mastery of the content and processes of the Systems Thinking Approach to Strategic Management.  This phase consists of Pre-Work and successful completion of our 3.5-Day Strategic Management Master-Class and Immersion Boot Camp.

Pre-work consists of:

  • Reading a prescribed series of articles, books, and best practices reports (click here for prescribed reading list)
  • Preparing case studies for use during the week-long master-class and immersion bootcamp
  • Revising all that you have learnt during the learning phase, and preparing to demonstrate your mastery

3.5-Day Strategic Management Master-Class and Immersion Boot Camp
During this master-class and immersion boot camp, you will demonstrate your mastery of the contents and processes of the Systems Thinking Approach to Strategic Management. You will also acquire more in-depth knowledge and skills through your interaction with, and receiving feedback from, other candidates and the Haines Centre Master Facilitators (Click here for details and dates)

Alternative:  Master-Class On-line
There is now the option of doing the Master-Class on-line in a series of live web-conferences held every fortnight.  Candidates will need to attend 14 web-conferences covering the 14 modules of the Master-Class, and submit their assignments in order to successfully complete the Master Class in this way.

The web-conferences are done all year round, from module 1 to 14 and then re-starting at module 1 again. This means that candidates can start the Master-Class at any time, as long as they have fulfilled the prerequisites to join.

For more details on this option, please contact us or register on-line with the choice for Master Class as “online”.

Phase 3:  Practicum
In this phase, your will complete a practicum period either on assignment together with a Haines Centre Master Consultant, or on your own with coaching by a Haines Centre Master Consultants.  The purpose is to have you conduct real-life facilitation of the Strategic Planning and Management process in your own organization or with client organizations, and in so doing demonstrate and sharpen your practical competency in applying the Systems Thinking Approach to Strategic Management in the real world.

Details will be discussed with your coach, and customized to your specific situation prior to the Practicum, with specific outcomes and assignment requirements clearly spelt out and agreed to. Duration will largely depend on your own ability to create the opportunity for yourself to facilitate Strategic Planning and Management in your company or with your clients.

At the end of the Practicum phase, you will be required to write up a case study assignment with lessons learnt, and submit if for review, critique and approval by the Haines Centre for Strategic Management.

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