Systems Thinking Approach (TM) to Strategic Planning

Executive Program in Agile Strategic Planning using the Systems Thinking Approach (TM)

Purpose of the Strategic Planning Training Program

  • To learn how to apply strategic thinking as a foundation for business sustainability
  • To acquire the knowledge and skills to apply a disciplined systems approach to developing an implement-able strategic plan
  • To understand the strategic management cycle
  • To understand customer value creation and strategic positioning for competitive advantage
  • To learn the critical skill of future external environment scanning
  • To understand how to develop and cascade strategic plans throughout the organization, and align all work units to the strategic direction
  • To understand the specific objectives of strategic review and update
  • To learn about the common mistakes of strategic planning and management, and how to avoid or overcome them
  • To learn practical tools and techniques for strategic planning and management

Who Should Attend

  • Senior Management
  • Strategic Planners
  • OD Professionals
  • Future Leaders

Benefits of Attending
As a result of this strategic planning training program, you will be able to:

  • Raise your effectiveness in Strategic Leadership
  • Deliver a much higher level of customer focus and value creation by the entire organization
  • Integrate Strategic Thinking and Planning holistically in the organization, business units, teams, and employees
  • Get buy-in and stay-in by stakeholders to the organization’s strategic initiatives
  • Achieve business sustainability and competitive advantage for the organization
  • Significantly increase the level of employee engagement, trust, and productivity.

Advanced Development in Strategic Management
This workshop meets the prerequisites for attending the Strategic Planning Facilitator  Master-Class, and candidacy in the Gold Mastery Certification in Strategic Management.

Click through for more details about the Master-Class and the Gold Mastery Certification

Workshop Outline

Strategic Thinking
The Systems Thinking Approach

  • The Need for Strategic Thinking
  • The 5 Key Questions for Strategic Thinking

Strategic  Planning and Management

  • 3 Goals and 3 Premises of Strategic Management
  • The Strategic Management System
  • Overview of 5 Phases & 10 Steps
  • Key Stakeholder Involvement
  • Common Mistakes

Key Steps in Strategic Planning

  • Plan-to-Plan
  • Customer Value and Market-Place Positioning for Competitive Advantage
  • The Future External Environment Scan
  • Ideal Future Vision
  • Corporate Goals and Key Success Measures
  • Current State Assessment
  • Cascade of Strategic Planning & Change
    • Core Strategies
    • Business Unit and Functional Unit Plans
    • Strategic Action Priorities, Annual Plans
  • Ensuring Alignment
  • The Parallel Involvement Process
  • Plan-to-Implement
  • Strategic Review and Update

Discussions and Presentations

  • Case Study
    Using either a facilitator’s case study or the participants own real “live” case from work
  • Tools, Tips, and Techniques

Conduct of the Workshop

The workshop will be conducted using adult experiential learning methodology, and will consist of:

  • Short lecturettes to explain the concepts and models
  • Video Clips
  • Work on real-life cases
  • Case examples
  • Practical templates, tools, techniques
  • Breakout group processing, discussions and presentations

The Facilitator
Lead facilitator will be Stephen Lin. Click here for facilitator’s profile.

Choice of Dates:
  • At your own pace


Course Fee:

$1,100 per person

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