Strategic Planning Facilitator Master Class

3-Day Boot Camp in Facilitating Strategic Planning Using the Systems Thinking Approach

Purpose of the Master-Class / Immersion

  • To learn how to facilitate strategic planning using the Systems Thinking Approach to Strategic Planning
  • To practice the key Steps of Strategic Planning and Management
  • To learn the key tools, tips and techniques to successfully facilitate Strategic Planing in your organization
  • To practice designing and tailoring the Strategic Planning process to meet your organization’s needs, wants, time and costs.
  • To discuss how to successfully facilitate dfficult situations
  • To receive feedback on your facilitation skills and level of mastery in Strategic Planning Facilitation

Who Should Attend·

  • Senior Managers
  • Strategic Planning & OD Professionals
  • Strategic Planning Consultants & Trainers
  • Strategic Leaders
  • All Professionals with the Responsibility of Facilitating Strategic Planning in Organizations

Benefits of Attending
As a result of attending this master-class, participants will acquire and improve the ability to facilitate strategic planning more effectively in their organizations, leading to a significantly positive impact on the overall long-term performance of the organization.

All facilitators of this Master-Class are carefully selected professionals with years of hands-on experience in senior management positions. In addition, they are qualified facilitators with good track records facilitating client organizations in their chosen fields.

Lead Facilitators of this Master-Class are all members of our Board of Examiners, Practice Leaders in Strategic Planning, and approved by the University of San Diego as adjunct instructors for this program.

The Lead Facilitator for this run will be StephenLin.  He will be assisted by a second facilitator from the pool of qualified Global Partners of the Centre.

All participants MUST have the prerequisites before being accepted into this Master-Class:

  • Attended the 2-Day Workshop “Systems Thinking Approach to Strategic Planning” (click here for details and dates), or
  • Attended other appropriate combinations of Haines Centre Workshops (please discuss with us directly on this),


  • Reading a prescribed series of articles, books, and best practices reports (Click here for prescribed reading list)
  • Preparing case studies for use during the week-long master-class and immersion boot-camp
  • Revising all that you have learnt during the learning phase, and preparing to demonstrate your mastery

What to Expect in the Master-Class

  • Experience Intensive Practical Reinforcement: You will receive more intensive learning, reinforcement and internalization of the content as each concept is revisited from a much deeper, new practical level – tacit knowledge that is key to success, yet hard to find.
  • Acquire Extensive “how-to” Knowledge: You will spend much more time on the “how to” application, sequences, details and nuances in addition to the “what” of the Systems Thinking content. Learn the many practical tools, tips, and techniques from the masters.
  • Demonstrate Mastery: You will have an opportunity to conduct practice sessions and demonstrate your expertise, while receiving practical feedback on your Strategic Management skills from the Haines Centre’s Master Level Consultants. (Click here for details)
  • Enhance Your Facilitation Skills: Regardless of your facilitation expertise – this will take you to a new level of knowledge.

Gold Mastery Certification
This Master-Class fulfills the requirements to continue on the pathway to Strategic Management Gold Mastery Certification.  To learn more on how how to continue the pathway, please click here.

Choice of Dates:
  • 18-20 Aug 2021, Singapore


Course Fee:

$1,650 per person

Click on the button below to register if you have any queries feel free to give us a call on 65-67088296 or send an email to

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